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One Low Monthly Cost


Why do I need FWaaS?

Cybercrime it's all over the media.  The rise in malware, especially Ransomware, has been making headlines for months now.

Malware is not prejudice, the data on your computer systems is at risk of being taken hostage and only freed when you pay a fee regardless of your organisations size or type of business.  It's your data in their hands.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018.  If your data is compromised then you face fines of up to 4% of your turnover!

In order for malware and hackers to succeed, an internet connection is all that is required.  Internet Service Providers routers have a very basic firewall that provides no real inspection methods.  We go deep, VERY deep and look at almost everything going in and out of your network.

Solved.IT FWaaS is built around a strong Gartner magic quadrant leader for Unified Threat Management (UTM).  It includes a firewall appliance, security and management software plus all the related support and subscription services you truly need, bundled together for a single low monthly price.

You assign predictable costs to this area of information security, receive up-to-date protection from known and unknown (zero day) malware threats and meet compliance objectives.

Talk to our team today and protect your business from the price of a cup of coffee a day.

What’s included in FwaaS?

This powerful, single service solution consists of:

  • Advanced comprehensive suite of security applications that provide unparalleled all-in-one network protection combining gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spyware, intrusion detection and prevention, application intelligence and control, website content filtering, firmware updates, high performance deep packet inspection and telephone support.

  • Real time intelligence from the Global Response Intelligent Defences (GRID) network (analysing millions of data points and performing rigorous testing and evaluation each day).

  • Radicalisation and safe guarding protection.

  • Cloud based multi-engine advanced threat protection.

  • Experienced and qualified engineers

  • Broad file type analysis supporting a broad range of files and a multitude of operating systems.

  • RAPID deployment of remediation signatures when a malicious file is identified.

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