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Create a VPN on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and SonicWALL NSA UTM firewall - Part 2.

This article will easily explain how to configure your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to access your network by using the SonicWALL WAN GroupVPN Security Association and the built-in L2TP server.  This relates to SonicOS Enhanced version 5.2.x (or newer) firmware.

(You must have completed Part 1 here)

iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch Configurations

1:  From the Home Screen navigate to the Settings icon

Settings Icon

iPad     iPhone / iPod Touch

2:  Select the General option

iPad - Step 2     iPhone Step 2

3:  Select Network

iPad - Step 3     iPhone Step 3

4:  Select VPN

iPad - Step 4     iPhone Step 4

5:  Select Add VPN Configuration

iPad - Step 5     iPhone Step 5

6:  Ensure that L2TP is selected.  This is the only option you want.

iPad - Step 6     iPhone Step 6

7:  Fill out the Add Configuration fields as follows:

Description - This is a name of your choosing that identifies the VPN connection to you (you can have more than one L2TP VPN connection setup).

Server - This is the WAN IP address of your SonicWALL NSA UTM appliance.

Account - This is the user account you created on the SonicWALL NSA appliance under Local Users.

RSA SecurID - Ensure that this is turned OFF.

Password - This is your password you setup for the account listed above.  You can chose to not enter a password here, which means that the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch will ask you to complete every time you establish a connection.

Secret - This is the GroupVPN pre-shared secret you have setup.

Send All Traffic - Turn OFF.  You can turn on if you wish to send all your internet traffic through your L2TP connection also.  Leaving it off sends internet traffic over your wireless / 3G connection and only traffic destined for your network via the L2TP VPN.  Some configurations we have noted need to have this turned on no matter what.

Now press Save to store the configuration on your device.

8:  Your configuration will now appear and you can slide the VPN option to ON.  Your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch will begin communicating with the SonicWALL and, upon a successful connection, will display a VPN icon on the top bar (usually left on the iPad and on the right on the iPhone / iPod Touch).