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How do you filter web content?
It seems that no place on the Internet is safe from cybercrime. Today malware infects even the most trusted sites and services, with users unknowingly downloading spyware and other threats that can compromise and steal highly sensitive personal and corporate data.
Static AV engines are no longer enough to stop dynamic web threats from bypassing your web gateway. With Blue Coat, you can filter web threats in real time without hurting network performance. Our real-time web defense:
Unites over 75M users for greater awareness of new web threats and content
Sends newly detected web content to the WebPulse cloud service for analysis by real-time threat detection technologies, web rating machine analysis and human raters
Provides on-demand security intelligence, with no downloads required
Combines URL filtering and threat detection technologies
Analyzes over 2B web requests per week and is supported by operation and rating analysis centers around the globe

The Unitrends Technology is available as a Hardware Appliance - Physical protection, Software - Virtual appliances and Cloud - Replicated protection.

Product Feature Highlights

No Limits Licensing

Imagine ultimate backup freedom with Unitrends No Limits Licensing™ that boasts no per client fees, no per agent fees, no per operating system fees, no per application fees and no new release fees.


Protection for 100+ versions of Operating Systems and Applications - Unitrends uses a common D2D backup and recovery engine for providing protection for protecting over 100 versions of servers, storage, operating systems, hypervisors, and applications including NAS, SAN, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, and many others. Optimal data protection for this many different environments has driven a unique data protection architecture that supports agent-based and agentless protection as well as file- and image-level protection.

Continuous Data Protection & Point-in-Time Protection

World class RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) - backups can be performed as often as once every 60 seconds. Improve your recovery point objectives with Incremental Forever.  Near-CDP with up to 10,000 snapshots per week means smaller backup windows and improved network bandwidth efficiency.

Global Deduplication

Compression and deduplication across multiple storage devices via our advanced storage virtualization and thin provisioning capabilities that are built in to our virtual appliances. And CBT (Change Block Tracking) is supported on both Microsoft and VMware hypervisors to eliminate redundant data.

Adaptive Byte-level Deduplication - A deduplication that doesn't require expensive dedicated hardware. Adaptive Deduplication™ is a hybrid data reduction technology combining inline compression with post-processing data deduplication that adapts dynamically to multiple factors.


AES-256 Encryption - Conventional encryption takes a heavy toll on the performance and ease-of-use of your information technology infrastructure. By offering a 256-bit AES encryption on the on-premise appliance, our encryption does not cause a burden on systems or people.

Ease of Use

Single pane of glass for easy management - The Web 2.0 User Interface provides an easy to use drag and drop interface that monitors and manages backup, archiving and disaster recovery through a single, intuitive, pane of glass, boasting a web 2.0-based user interface. This enables you to buy only the appliance you need and yet grow the amount of space on your appliance as your business grows.

Simple Scalability

Enterprise-level data protection for every business.  A federated, scalable architecture means flexible deployments and no “fork-lift” upgrades.  Our technology supports scaling up and scaling out, but what about scaling down to lower the learning curve of less experienced users?

An environmentally adaptive user interface.  Our environmentally adaptive user interface provides ease of use without sacrificing click minimization for experienced users.  And unlike other products, all with virtually no wizards.

Instant Recovery with Failover Virtualization With instant recovery for VMware and Windows, you can completely recover your system in less than 5 minutes. 

The most flexible recovery strategies - Instant spin-up recovery? Yes. Instant granular recovery? Yes. Similar and dissimilar physical and virtual bare metal allow you to perform P2P, V2P, P2V, and V2V recovery.

Hot/Cold Bare Metal - By offering both cold and hot bare metal, we offer you the flexibility to easily restore your entire system.

Disaster Recovery

Unitrends provides point-in-time data recovery and speedy restore of failed systems. But your data protection strategy requires a third component: off-site storage for your protected data and systems.

Incremental forever, as often as 15 minutes. Offering incremental forever with synthetics for VMware and Hyper-V (as well as some physical environments as well) in addition to fully customizable configurations of backup strategies including full/full, full/differential, full/ incremental, and completely “create it yourself” strategies. We don’t limit you to single server job scheduling nor do we force you to use multiple server job scheduling - we offer both.


Make the most of your WAN - Disk, tape (if the hypervisor supports it), NAS, and SAN rotational and fixed archiving of tertiary backups is built in and works alone and with replication.


Single-tenant and multi-tenant replication is supported both in a private cloud as well as the public cloud Vault2Cloud service.